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I Have Nothing to Wear

While I can mean this quite literally in Mongolia when stuck in a snow storm in June, I can (almost) never mean it literally in America (what am I going to do with Mongolia for an excuse in 15 days? ha!). I think this statement has a queasy-ing effect on my husband: whenever I say this, he knows that I start itching to go shopping and spending big money from our tiny bank account. While neither of us are math whizzes, tiny < big is an equation we know…

But never fear! In swoops the Average Girl’s Guide with an awesome idea: when feeling desperate, depressed, or despondent about the lacking in your closet, make a list! (I LOVE lists, so perfect!) Simply note down the thing/s that you feel are lacking and when out and about (you know, you just happen to wander over to Target or Nordstrom…) buy ONLY THE THINGS ON THE LIST. Visionary.


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