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Day 2

It’s Day 2, and I already received my first comment! woo hoo! Thanks Jess LC :)

I just wanted to say that things are in a befuddling state here, if that wasn’t obvious. I will be constantly changing around that pages and things for a couple weeks to get it all just right for America and daily, fun posts. For now, I’ll probably just post what life’s been like here in Mongolia and what I’m coveting in America…

I am pining for my clothes. Not the worn-out shells of clothes that I’ve been schlepping about in for 24 months, but pretty skirts, necklaces, and shoes with peep-toes and heels that I can wear because I won’t be walking about broken cobblestones and dirt roads on my way to work. Living in a small, poor town (it takes 3 full days on a bus to get to the capital, and only real “city,” here) has it’s perks: you get to know people, even if they speak a different language; you know what to expect each and every day; it doesn’t matter what you wear because everyone wears very similar things; and you learn to live with less. Growing up in big-time So-Cal Suburbia-Land was all about keeping up with the Joneses, which I was never very good at. Never the skinniest, never the athlete, never confident enough to wear stylish clothes, I fit right in with the drama kids who taught me about changing the world. Here I am now, thanks to a seed planted by a friend in high school, and I couldn’t feel more excited about my future, I feel like I’m finally on my way to knowing what I want to do with my life. I can be fit (if not skinny), I can do yoga (if no other “sport”), I can be brave, and I can still talk to my drama friends about when we’ll be meeting up for the Harry Potter premiere later this summer. But most of all, I can keep this blog and learn to wear my closet and feel pretty and go shopping and be the most confident MFT/MSW/or whatever-my-masters-ends-up-being-in, wife, friend, and (someday) mother that I can be. This has been the most eye-opening experience that anyone could ever ask for and I won’t take what I learned for granted.

For now, I’m hoping to have some kind of employment by September (leads anyone? we’ll be living near UCLA) and I’ll be taking a CC psych course in Child Development that I somehow missed in undergrad…


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