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Bored and a Half

To fill even more time lately (between drooling over Anthropologie blogs and those starting the 30 for 30 Challenge), I’ve been researching iPhone apps. Geeky ones (Christmas shopping list and The Oregon Trail anyone?), crazy addictive ones (Angry Birds already makes me happy; birds killing greens pigs? ok!), shopping apps of course (RedLaser, ThriftBuddy, Groupon, Cardstar… any other necessities?), and ones to remind me to be healthy. So far, I like this one the most: Lose it! It tracks your daily intake of food and output of (any and all) exercise to help you manage your calories. Set goals, enter data, attain goals. Or something like that. I was also directed to Nutrition Data to help calculate nutritional info in home-cooked recipes; this is a brilliant website in itself. There is so much information on each food from it’s various fat levels to its glycemic index (an area I often feel unbalanced in). It also picks up where Lose It! is lacking; while Lose It! appears to be great at tracking calories, it doesn’t track fat, sugar, protein, etc. to make sure you’re getting enough. Nutrition Data also suggests foods that are better for you than what you’re already eating and fits them into your current diet (read all about their dieting philosophy here). When ideas like this make me think, “Duh. Why didn’t I think of that?” it often means that I’m already on the way to following the plan, which is great for the me in America :)


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