a little, tiny bit about me:
1. My name is Ashlee, born in 1985 when Ashley/ee/ie/iegh was THE most popular name.
2. I’m married to the most amazing man. No joke. Ask anyone.
3. No kids yet. That’s right mom, it’s official now that it’s on the blog.
4. I majored in Psychology and Sociology in undergrad and am looking to pursue the same during grad school.
5. I’m an RPCV (Mongolia, M20, 2009-2011).
6. I LOVE to shop, especially for clothes and most especially with friends.
7. I thought that I might like to live somewhere else, but California is my home.
9. I’m a geek. I’m a nerd. I make up words. I LOVE Harry Potter. Email me, we can discuss Ron & Hermione for hours.
10. I LOVE organization… and I like lists. Lists that end in 10 are tops.

Email: thedailybefuddled[at]gmail[dot]com