Missing and Packing

things I’m missing:
1. my family (10 days until touchdown at LAX)
2. sales in America (Memorial Day, for gosh sakes, and a HUGE sale at H&M right now)
4. good night’s sleep
5. linen (sheets? 100% cotton? what?!)
6. my sanity

things I’m not packing:
1. layers of fleeces (unnecessary where we’re going!)
2. crock-pot (that my dad so lovingly mailed from America)
3. the bugs in our kitchen
4. the moths on our walls
5. the bad mood that’s been creeping up on me

things I’m packing:
1. the 3 tshirts that made it through the Mongolian winter relatively unscathed
2. a ridiculous amount of Peace Corps issued monstrosities (water distiller anyone?)
3. my husband
4. sunshine


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