Do I Have a Body Type?

So, I’ve had a lot of time lately to read blogs and get some inspiration about types of clothes to build my closet when I get home. Special thanks to one of my very favorite blogs, for their great tips: academichic.

However, I have no idea what body type I am :/ Perhaps someone can help me out (sorry if this is a bit TMI):
1. I’m short (5’3″), but not so much petite. I have wide (i.e. not narrow by any means) hips and line-backer shoulders.
2. I carry most of my weight in my derriere and thighs, although I also have a poochy stomach.
3. sometimes I feel like an under-worked gymnast: my arms aren’t slim, but not jiggly, and my legs can get pretty muscular without too much work.
4. my body is fairly proportional (torso vs. legs)
and I know all this is kinda arbitrary, but it seems like finding clothes would be a bit easier if I had some specifics to look for. Also, sometimes I just want to belong to a group :)

According to, I’m an hourglass, but I don’t feel like I have the boobs for that (they compare me to Nigella Lawson, leggy, booby Nigella, who is awesome by the way, just in case you’ve never caught her on the Food Network). Oh, the life of the vertically challenged.

I know my following isn’t super huge as of yet, but if anyone out there is listening…


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